At Levacells, we offer media and feed formulations for your cell line by modulating specific biological functions through variations in media and feed components, leveraging our functional enviromics approach and the latest advances in machine learning techniques.

We are a spin-off of NOVA University, Lisbon, where we are developing the functional enviromics approach for the past 10 years.
We have improved media and feed formulations of several industrial partners, increasing productivities multiple folds, while meeting product quality requirements. Our optimization technique can be customized to your specific needs, including increasing the growth and productivity, decreasing the amount of by-product or other aspects such as decreasing the prize of the media or ensuring some physicochemical properties.

Check out one of our latest application in partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company, published in Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering:

Genome-scale modeling of Chinese hamster ovary cells by hybrid semi-parametric flux balance analysis